A Message from the President

Celebrating our 50th anniversary
by advancing to a new stage of progress
with a new management team


The Hibiya Engineering Group has been taking many actions in line with the Fifth Medium-term Management Plan that started in April 2014. We have focused on building a stronger profi t structure by achieving the plan’s main strategic objective of becoming a provider of Life Cycle Total Solutions for buildings. Due to these initiatives, we achieved growth in sales and earnings in the past fi scal year.

Market conditions in Japan will probably remain challenging because of declining public-works expenditures and the rising cost of construction materials and construction workers.

The fi scal year ending in March 2017 is the fi nal year of the Fifth Medium-term Management Plan. The main objective for this year is reinforcing our services in all priority domains following the completion of a construction project. We plan to become even more profi table by using our group’s construction experience to conduct effective Life Cycle Total Solutions sales activities. There are two more priorities. One is to use our technologies to improve the quality of our projects while using less labor. The other is conducting rigorous safety and quality management programs with the aim of eliminating workplace accidents.

Group companies are also working on compliance, the effective use of information and communication technologies, and other measures to build an even more powerful infrastructure. We plan to use all these initiatives to make our 50th anniversary in July 2016 the starting point of a new stage of growth.

Following the approval of the election of directors at the June 2016 shareholders meeting, the board of directors named me the successor to the previous president Haruki Nomura. As the new president, I will continue to focus the group’s resources on achieving our strategic objectives in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Yoshiharu Nishimura
President and Representative Director
Hibiya Engineering, Ltd.