March 1966

Hibiya Engineering, Ltd., is established at 28 Shiba Nishikubo Sakuragawa-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo (presently 1-18-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo), with “installation of electrical equipment, installation of water and drainage facilities and other sanitary facilities, and installation of climate control equipment” as its major business activities.

July 1966

Company is registered as a construction business under the Construction Industry Law (Ministry of Construction permit: (RU) No. 7614).

July 1966

Opening of Osaka Branch, Nagoya Branch, Sendai Sales Office (upgraded to Sendai Branch in October 1967, renamed Tohoku Branch in July 1988), Hiroshima Sales Office (upgraded to Hiroshima Branch in March 1971), Fukuoka Sales Office (upgraded to Fukuoka Branch in March 1971, renamed Kyushu Branch in July 1988), and Kumamoto Sub-Branch (upgraded to Kumamoto Sales Office in March 1971).

July 1966

To consolidate its status as a general contractor, Hibiya Engineering purchases and acquires all sales rights of Tokyo Setsubi Co., Ltd. (common stock: 50 million yen, single share par value: 50 yen, established: January 1950), which engages in installation of electrical equipment as its major business activity, and Taikei Koji Co., Ltd. (common stock: 30 million yen, single share par value: 50 yen, established: November 1950), which engages in plumbing installation as its major business activity.

May 1968

Hibiya Maintenance Co., Ltd. (common stock: 20 million yen), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hibiya Engineering, is established as part of the company's efforts to become involved in the maintenance business segment. (In June 1972 Hibiya Maintenance is taken over by Nihon Sogo Maintenance (now Nihon Meccs Corporation).)

August 1968

Opening of Sapporo Sales Office (upgraded to Sapporo Branch in March 1971).

October 1970

Opening of Yokohama Sub-Branch (upgraded to Yokohama Sales Office in March 1971 and to Yokohama Branch in August 1993).

February 1972

Mebuki Seisakujo Co., Ltd. (common stock: 10 million yen), is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hibiya Engineering with the manufacture and sale of electrical distribution panels as its major business activity. (In July 1975 Mebuki Seisakujo merges with Nikkei Kizai Co., Ltd. (now Nikkey Co., Ltd.).)

April 1974

With the revision of the Construction Industry Law, the company registers as a special construction business (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport permit (Toku-49) No. 3931) and as a general construction business (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport permit (Han-49) No. 3931). (These permits are subsequently renewed every five years.)

November 1977

Company is listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

October 1978

Head Office moves to 5-37-8 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Sumitomo Mita Building).

October 1979

Opening of Singapore Sales Office (upgraded in January 1984 to Singapore Branch, closed in July 1988).

October 1989

Former gas turbine assembly plant in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, is remodeled and opens as technical research facility.

March 1995

In order to maintain and further the mutually complementary relationship between the two companies, the company acquires stock in Hibiya Tsushou Co., Ltd. (common stock: 75 million yen), making it a subsidiary owned 55.7% by Hibiya Engineering.

September 1995

Company is listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

February 1999

Head Office (present Main Office) obtains ISO9001 certification. (Certification is extended to all branches in July 2002.)

February 2001

Company concludes network integration contract with Echelon Japan Co., Ltd.

August 2001

Opening of Tokyo Main Office. (Corporate Business Division separates from Head Office organization.)

March 2003

Nikkey Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary of Hibiya Engineering (which owns 48.1% of its stock, a controlling interest) in order to enhance the corporate group's ability to develop new business segments, etc.

April 2003

Opening of Shikoku Branch and Hokuriku Branch.

June 2004

Tokyo Main Office obtains ISO14001 certification. (ISO14001 certification is extended to entire company in September 2009.)

October 2006

Head Office moves to 4-2-8 Shibaura, Minato-ku,Tokyo (SUMITOMO FUDOUSAN MITA TWIN BLDG. EAST WING).

January 2008

Company signs an agreement to form a capital and business alliance with O-ENCE Co., Ltd.

June 2010

Company acquires all shares of HIT Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly Toyama Koei Co., Ltd.), making it a wholly owned subsidiary (taken over in January 2021).

December 2016

Opening of Haneda Safety Training Center.

September 2017

Head Office moves to present location at 3-5-27 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo.