Building facility renewal

Hibiya Engineering can carry out renewal projects to increase profitability with high added value, by utilizing our comprehensive capabilities in air conditioning, sanitation, electricity, and information. Even after construction work is completed, we will continue to serve our customers well into the future with our life-cycle management services.

Data center construction

Hibiya Engineering has worked on numerous construction projects for NTT Group companies over many years, and can resolve various problems and concerns based on our accumulated technologies and experience. We are a one-stop source for establishing safe, secure data center facilities, offering services ranging from initial diagnosis to design, installation, and management.

Decarbonization and environmental solutions

Regulations with the goal of achieving a low-carbon society have been strengthened, including revisions to the Energy Conservation Law and the enforcement of various local ordinances, making energy management an important administrative issue for companies.
Hibiya Engineering can provide comprehensive support for the energy conservation and CO_{2} reduction activities of our customers, with our excellent abilities for critical judgment based on our extensive past records and experience.