Eighth Medium-term Management Plan(FY2023-FY2025)

Basic Policies

Priority Measures

(1)Deepening Core Business

  • Support major customers to facilitate their transformation of their businesses
  • Promote community based sales
  • Offer data center solutions
  • Expand business areas into production facilities
  • Flexibly take necessary actions flexibly to tap into priority areas such as offices
  • Allocate human resources optimally and improve production efficiency
  • Ensure cost competitiveness and profitability
  • Safety & quality improvements

(2)Expanding Business Areas

  • Promoting the carbon neutrality business and advancing the Create the Future of Hibiya initiative
  • Leveraging the innovation lab with a view toward the improvement of technology

(3)Strengthening Management Foundation

  • Enhancing human resources management
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Strengthening risk management
  • Revitalizing regional and social contribution activities


  • Demonstration of Group synergy

(5)ESG Management

  • Contributing actively to a decarbonized society
  • Visualizing and utilizing human investment
  • Implementing and supporting regional and social contribution activities actively
  • Establishing a safe and secure working environment
  • Ensuring compliance and strengthening risk management

Capital and Dividend Policies

Financial targets